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The Evolution of Large Format Retail in Australia

The retail world has evolved dramatically over the past decade. Technology advancements, mainly through the introduction of online retailing, has allowed consumers to have an almost unlimited access to goods both locally and globally. While this is a positive from a consumers point of view, the saturation of domestic and foreign retailers is allowing consumers […]

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Direct property outperforms

Commercial property markets have underpinned some of the best performing investment vehicles in Australia since the Global Financial Crisis. Despite a significant sell-down over the last quarter, Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts, or A-REITs, have been one of the leading sectors over the last five years due to their ability to provide strong risk adjusted […]

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Record low interest rates: the impact on residential and commercial property

The current all-time low interest rate environment in Australia is having a profound impact on both the residential and commercial property markets. What may surprise many is that interest rates in Australia have been trending downwards for the past 30 years.

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